We are looking for students that think that university should not be only about courses and grades, but a place for free exploration and sharing of knowledge among students. Do you have a personal project, but you don’t know where to start? Do you want to expand your knowledge and you are looking for inspiration? Are you looking for other people sharing your interests? Are you an expert in a particular field and you would like to share your expertise with others?

The FabLab is the place to be! We are looking not only for students in computer science and engineering: but also mathematicians, physicists, industrial and civil engineers, biologists, cognitive scientists, etc. Students from humanities and social sciences are welcome as well: we need your different points of view!

During our opening times, you are free to come by at any time to take a look at the lab, exchange ideas and experience with others, or ask and provide suggestions or advice on the various machines or any personal projects you might have.